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Playing the slots can be compared to playing the lottery. You have no control over the outcome of the game and your winning (or losing) is entirely dependent on luck. By learning some basic strategies you can avoid some costly mistakes, have fun and still come out a "winner" even if you don't win a prize.

Before starting to play, always set a limit to how much you can bet on a single gaming session. This way you can control your finances and avoid falling into that category of hopelessly addicted gamblers. Quit when you have reached your limit.

Always read or study the slot machine's payout schedule and other important information like maximum coins and winning symbols combinations. These information are posted on the machine itself. Correct slot machine selection is a vital skill that some slot players never master. Choose the right slot machine for you depending on the amount of your bankroll and look for machines that guarantee the highest payback percentages.

Play the maximum amount of coins, especially on a progressive slot machine. You are not eligible to win the progressive jackpot prize if you don't play maximum coins. On traditional slot machines, you'll get a better payback when you play the maximum amount of coins. Again, this is depending on your bankroll. If playing on a $1 slot machine is a waste of money for you, you'll be better off playing on a penny slot machine. The prizes are much smaller, but you get the prizes you deserve for the amount of coins you bet.

Try to avoid those slot machines with four or more reels unless you have built up a sizeable bankroll and can afford to lose a significant amount of your bankroll. The odds of winning and hitting the jackpot on these machines are higher than those on three-reel machines.

When lady luck happens to smile at you and you hit the jackpot, grab your money and head straight for the exit! Avoid the temptation to splurge your winnings on the next gaming session. But when you're on an unlucky streak and you keep on losing, it is advisable to get away from the machine and walk around before you realize that you have already lost a large amount of money.

Remember that playing the slots should be fun and entertainment. Enjoyment should be your first and foremost priority. If you decide to play the slots for profit, forget it. You can't make a profitable business out of playing slots, the casinos have made sure of that. Lastly, don't make the slot machine the center of your life, and don't become a slave to a machine.

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