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Slot Machine Types

Slot Machines undoubtedly are the easiest and most convenient casino game to play. No hard thinking, no strategizing and no confusing bets. All you have to do is place the bet, pull the arm and wait for fate's wheel to turn. slot machines are also no pushover when it comes to payoffs. Slot machines have made millionaires in an instant. But did you know there are more to slot machines than meets the eye?

Did you know there are different varieties of slot machines that a casino player can choose from? The traditional basic slot machines are the classic and earliest model of the slot machine. It only has three reels with a fixed jackpot. Newer slot machines include five reeled slot machines and three reeled slot machines with single and multiple paylines.

Progressive slot machines are slot machines that have an increasing jackpot. The progressive slot machine is interconnected with other progressive slot machines. Their progressive jackpot increases as more and more people play the slot machine. It is said that 10% of every dollar spent on progressive slot machines go to the progressive jackpot. If the progressive jackpot is hit then the jackpot goes back to its original value.

Progressive slot machine jackpot can be classified into two. The bigger and often less hit jackpot is called the primary jackpot. Its winning combination is usually displayed in the big screen above the slot machine. The second jackpot is called the secondary jackpot. It has a smaller value but it is hit more often than the primary jackpot. It has been advised that in playing progressive slot machines, a player will do well to bet the maximum coins to achieve the best amount of payout.

Video slot machines are slot machines that use video screens. Virtual or simulation slot machines on the other hand are slot machines that do not physically look like slot machines but imitate the behavior of slot machines. Online slot machines belong to this kind of slot machines.

Bonus Multiplier slots are slot machines that gives bigger payouts if the player chooses to bet the maximum coins allowable by the slot machine whereas multiplier slots are slot machines that has winnings equivalent to the multiple of the stake or bet chosen.

Casino slot machines are the slot machines found in the casino. It may belong to any of the slot machine types I mentioned above. As we can see, manufacturers of slot machines especially designed different types of slot machines for our different needs. It is only up to us, the players, to choose the best slot machine kind that suite our personality and our taste.

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