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The Western Slot Machines

European Slot Machines or the Fruit Machines

European slot machines are made up of reels in threes or six. This is the same with the online slots. The European slot machines are very much the same with the slot machines one sees in many casinos. These machines are sometimes referred to as the fruit machines. A fruit machine is the common term being referred to European slots because they can be found in the local pubs and arcades and have various fruits as the symbols on the wheel.

The European slots have many features different from the American slots because it includes trails and "sub games" which gives a player more chances of winning than the reels would.

European slots have been programmed to pay a certain percentage coming from the jackpot payout. The European machines normally take a percentage which has been pre-determined from the payouts. It will be spread to the winnings making a pre-determined payout amount. In the long run, all the slot players will get ninety five percent from the total of the amount that has been placed, if that is the programmed sum.

Even in the European online slot machines the jackpot payout is calculated among all of the slot machines which are also the advantage. It doesn't calculate on a per machine basis like most casino slots.

American slot machines

According to slot machine history, the slot machines in America were introduced first in the thirties. It wasn't so long after that when they gained popularity in Las Vegas. The first establishment to use the slot machine types was the Flamingo hotel and in the 80's the slot machines in America were as profitable as the table gambling games.

Nowadays, the slot machines make up roughly about the two thirds of the profits of the casinos of America. The only state that doesn't impose strict restrictions for the public and private slots is Nevada. Even in the airport of Las Vegas, people are still playing the slots in hope of a big payout before leaving the state.

There are other states in United States that allow slot machines but they need to have a license for the barges or boats. The Native American slot machine reservations do not even possess their real slot machines except for the ones which are allowed for special reasons by the state that they are under.

The slot machines in America gained so much attention because they don't require knowledge or any skill although knowing the tips and the secret in playing slots would be a big help. Playing the slot machines is so simple, the player just needs to spin the reels and hope for a winning combination.

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