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Get More Out of Your Bets: Play Video Slots

Playing video slots is not so much different from playing reels slots. Both machines are luck-spinners, whose outcome (that is, wins and losses) per spin is determined solely by a random number generator.

But why play video slots?

Because if you play video slots, you get to play more pay lines which mean more ways of winning. Also, you get the chance to win bigger amount of money since in video slots the formula of calculating a win is payout multiplied to the number of coins credited. You can bet as much as five coins per line!

Another upside to playing video slots is its bonus features. Video slot machines offer two kinds of bonuses. One is "on the reels" bonus, and the other is "off the reels." When you play video slots, you have the chance to win free spins, wheel of fortune bonuses, pop-a-box bonus, and more!

Plus, you have more fun playing with video slot machines' high-quality graphics, excellent visuals and auditory effect.

To play video slots, here's how:

A video slot machine has about 5 buttons. Some have as much as 7. Each button performs a different function. Before hitting any of the buttons, though, it is essential that you read, analyze, and understand the pay table. The pay table provides the data pertinent to wagering requirements, payouts, and the type of bonus the machine is offering. The pay table is found either on top or bottom panel of the screen. If there's none, hit the "Help / View Pay out" button found on the machine and the pay table will be displayed on screen.

Again, a video slot machine has as much as 7 buttons. Commonly, there are the "Lines per Spin" button, "Credits per Line" button, "Bet Max" button, "Cash Collect" button, and "Help" button.

That you may begin to play video slots after studying the pay table, deposit coins or bills into the coin slot.

Then, you select the amount or credit you would like to wager by pressing the "Credits per Line" button. If you want to wager the maximum bet, simply hit "Bet Max" and the machine will automatically adjust your bet to the maximum.

Next, you select the number of pay lines you would like activated by pressing "Credits per Line" button.

Finally, you press the "Start" button set the machine into spin.

Then you wait until the reel stops and you either win or you lose.

If you want to cash out, just hit the "Collect" button.

As you can see, playing video slots is done in almost the same manner as reel slots. The big difference when you play video slots? --- more choices. You have the choice to bet on more pay lines and more coins! This means more chances to win more and bigger amount of money in every spin. Another big difference when you play video slots? --- bonus, bonus, and more bonus!

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